Emanating Love

Improving your life starts with Love!

Anything you do must come from a place of Love. Your intention must be good from the beginning. A good intention is self-protecting, yet not selfish. How does one get there? There are many ways depending on where you are in your life. There may be some self-help work that can help you recognize what is going on, however there may also be things which require someone like me to help you with.

The path to a better life can be found by looking within. We need to take an honest look at ourselves and determine what it is we want to change to make things better. What could we do differently? What is not working for us at the moment? What improvement(s) would we like to see? Are we willing to make changes even if they are difficult and require a lot of effort? Can we face our inner demons and overcome them? We all have the ability to do so, but do we have the willpower to do so?

How can you integrate more love and positivity into your life if you don't know what to look for? Here you will find ways that I can help you resolve that problem. You will find information and services that hopefully will make you more aware of what you can do to help yourself. Honestly, the answer for everyone is not here, but that is for you to decide.

As someone who has overcome many difficulties in life, I plan on helping educate people on how they can help themselves. I have started this with my Emanating Love FaceBook page where I have created memes that can help people learn for their own benefit. Look under 'Photos' on my FaceBook page to see those memes. I will also be publishing articles here that will help people educate themselves about things which may be causing them difficulties in their life.

As a shaman, I also plan to help people along their path by helping them in ways they can't help themselves. One of those ways is to remove blocks that are preventing them from improving their life. There are several blocks that I am referring to. The first is that some people have spirits attached to them that are causing them difficulties. I had one attached to me that was causing Seasonal Affective Disorder, depression, exhaustion, seasonal allergies, and other problems. After I removed that spirit I was immediately relieved of those problems. I will be helping people others who are affected by spirits by removing those spirits and sending them back to their higher power.

Another way I will help people is by repairing the energy field around their body. When the energy field has an imbalance, it can lead to physical and emotional problems. For some people, healing their energy field will help them on their path to a better life. For others it may not help them as they had hoped, but may help them in ways they are not aware of (i.e. preventative). This is done without touching the person receiving the healing, and can even be done remotely.

A fourth way I will help people is by allowing them to connect to loved ones who have passed away. For some this will provide closure in their life, for others it will be helpful by hearing messages from them, and for some in other ways.

If you feel any of these things will help you on your path, look at the Sessions page for more detail.

I do realize that my services are not for everyone, so if they are not for you, thank you for visiting my page and I wish you the best on your path. Namaste.