Emanating Love



Healing the body's energy field. Imbalances in the body's energy field may lead to physical problems now or in the future. Healing may include spiritual surgery (no-touch)

  • Shamanic Healing
  • Chakra Clearing
  • Light Language Channelling

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     Spirit Removal

    Helping spirits cross over to the other side and return to their Higher Power

  • Spirits affecting people (i.e. possession)
  • Spirits affecting places (i.e. hauntings)

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     Spirit Channelling

    Communicating with people who have crossed over (passed away)

  • Personal - connecting with loved ones
  • Law Enforcement - connecting with spirits to help solve crimes

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     Spiritual Guidance

    Everyone has spirit guides, but not everyone can communicate with them. This is your chance to get guidance from your spirit guide(s). I will tell you what your spirit guides want you to know to stay on your path.

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